Rebounding and it's Benefits for Seniors

Published: 13th October 2010
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Bouncing on a mini trampoline or what we commonly call rebounding is an exercise that is practical and adjustable for all age groups of people.

Rebounding is extremely senior friendly and is considered to be one of the safest and most effective exercises for the elderly. The reason rebounding is so suitable for seniors is because it is a low impact form of exercise that doesn't place any pressure on joints and muscles. This takes away any of the potential uncomforts seniors might face regularly in other exercise routines.

Usually seniors are recommended to walk on a regular basis since walking is also one of the easier and more effective forms of exercise but with aging it may become difficult to get out of the house and walk as actively as usual.

On a mini trampoline seniors can enjoy a flexible and gentle form of exercise that is also very effective.

Two Major Benefits of Rebounding for Seniors are:

1.) It Is Easier Than Traditional Exercise and More Effective

Rebounding as mentioned above eliminates any possible joint or muscle problems. It places no pressure on integral joints such as the knees and hip and in turn actually increases blood flow to these areas. The low impact bounce also provides muscular stimulation which can help seniors develop more muscular strength over a period of time.

The effectiveness of rebounding is said to be comparable to none. Rebounding benefits countless organs, muscles and even the large systems of our bodies such as the immune system and the lymphatic system. Not to forget, even the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are greatly benefited.

2.) Invigorates - Helps to Feel Younger and Healthier

Aside from all these technical health benefits, rebounding is so much fun! Kids, Teens and Seniors alike all enjoy the sensation of bouncing it feels more like play and much less like an exercise.

This bouncing helps seniors to regain their youth in some ways, since it is such a freeing activity.

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